Monday, 6 July 2009

Torchwood Liveblogging #1

Fuck you, it's my damn blog.

Right so:
9:00 - ooh, sly ref to Greatest Show in the Galaxy there.

9:01 - damn, it's Pob.

9:02 - Yay it's Peter Capaldi!
- hmm, downloading something? Cyber Village of the Damned?

9:04 - sod Village of the Dmaned, all the doctors are Kaiser Chiefs clones...

9:08 - what's Friar Tuck doing in that uniform? Damn, that's not him is it? But it's his voice... Ohh, it's him from Jonathan Creek!

9:12 - no Martha? But I WANT Martha!

9:17 - OK, still kids, shrieking. Nicely creepy, if incredibly annoying.

9:19 - Could Pob be any more gormless?

9:28 - Reds under the bed? Grew up in America did he?

9:30 - Ooh, he's saying "yes, sir" but he's thinking "I'm going to take that iPod away from you and shove it up your cock"

9:42 - it's defo a bit x-files this, in't it?

9:54 - dammit, it's good this.

In case you were wondering what happened to parts 2-5, I got so involved in it that I just couldn't bring myself to take the piss. So there.


ibs said...

Have you got a take on the newish Battlestar Gallactica? I watched the first two seasons of it on DVD while I was down with tha pig siknezz in Melbourne and I'm thinking it's maybe the best sci fi series ever...

Christie Malry said...

Damn, you've pushed my 'babble like a fanboy button'. I'm surprised you found it actually, 'cos it's so well-used the writing's worn off.


That's 'cos it IS the best sci fi series ever.*

I thought I must have blogged about it before on here, but all I've got is one entry which is a bit of a spoiler if you've only seen the first two series, so DON'T click on it.

Basically if I ever get a job teaching Sixth Form I will be using it for most of the philosophy of religion modules. The first episode of the first season, 33, is as neat an exposition of the problem of religious experience as I've ever seen.

But to cut myself short, here's Charlie Brooker on it and as usual he puts it very well. Though I put more weight on the political and philosophical aspects.

*May The Doctor forgive me.