Friday, 4 June 2010

Breaking News: Interweb Still Populated by Fucking Idiots

Just to be clear: Michael Gove is a fucking cretin who should never be allowed near educational policy. Or anything more dangerous than play-dough. What's fascinating is that even after Laurie Penny has been moderating the comments on her blog, these are the kind of twats that she feels compelled to let through.

She's decided that she needs to appear reasonable to people with no sense of history, culture or perspective but the boundless arrogance that ignorance bestows on anyone with an ISP and a finger to stab at a keyboard with. I suffer from no such handicap. These guys are adverts for what happens if you don't pay attention in school, or are taught by Tories, which amounts to the same thing.

Anyway, take a trip to Speak You'RE bRanes, Penny Red style. I'd spell out the ways that they're wrong but I credit you with being smart enough not to need it - i.e. I assume you weren't repeatedly hit on the head as a child*.

*You've just thought of a dumbbell joke, haven't you? I'm fucking psychic. Wait, what's that over there? In the corner? Did that just ... move?

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