Thursday, 30 June 2011


Off to a strike meeting in a minute, but this tickled me:

'Is US TV too leftwing?'

And as an example of leftwing, the Graun's put up a picture of The West Wing. I shit you not.

Dear America,
Thank you for reminding me how comparitively unfucked our political discourse still is and how vitally important it is that, to paraphrase Lenin, you be removed from your position and replaced with something which differs in all other respects from you.

Yours etc

The Proletarian Tide
(dictated but not read)


berlusconiyouth said...

Remember how they invented that evil Arab country "Qumar" and that genocidal west African country "Equatorial Kundu" in order to prove the beneficence of USAmerican liberalism? I was half hoping each time I tuned in that they might start a war with the Cardassians or the Cylons...

Christie Malry said...

My main memory of the West Wing was one where a couple of the main characters spent most of the episode arguing over whether African-Americans were owed reparations for slavery, only for them both to accept that they weren't on the grounds of credibility.

Here's a challenge: can any readers suggest examples of genuine left-wing discourse in the West Wing? WARNING: May entail having to watch it.