Thursday, 3 December 2015

Another Bloody War

Our rulers last night voted to kill more innocent people in the name of fighting 'terrorists'. Corbyn's interventions were reasoned and correct, but the vote was never about what is right or what is reasonable. Today, two things come to mind:

How badly the British ruling class were beaten last time around.

And this.

Admittedly this time the ruling class are attacking people who live a long way away, not Manchester, but the same sense of untrammelled power from an unaccountable group who have decided that they embody God and King and Law pervades this decision. I have seen some praise for Hilary Benn's speech. I am reminded of the line about Fraud's millstone tears and the brains of little children.

I am also reminded that whatever the Tories and their milquetoast PLP supporters might say, they have not convinced the public that this lunacy is in fact sound policy.

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