Monday, 26 January 2009

Mark Thompson Contracts Incomprehensibility, Absurdity

Just listening to Mark's flannelling and flailing on Today (that makes this liveblogging doesn't it? Oh, I'm so Web 2.0).

Highlight so far: the bit where he claims that the Beeb is helping the DEC campaign by covering the controversy. Would you like a helping of condescension with your hypocrisy sir?

Although that is being rapidly overtaken by his desperate attempts to avoid calling his audience too stupid to understand the difference between the news and an appeal.

Coming third is probably the bit where he says that the appeal will 'inevitably promote one perspective on the conflict' even though he has admitted that 'there is a great deal of suffering in Gaza'. What other perspective can he possibly be talking about?

All of the above easily outclass the bit where he says the Beeb can't be seen to endorse an appeal to help in a situation which is 'political with humanitarian consequences'. I guess the Beeb would never have broadcast an appeal over Darfur or the DRC then.

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