Sunday, 11 January 2009

Moving House

I've been getting a bit fed up with the decidedly unpretty livejournal recently, so I've decided to have move into Blogger's loving embrace. If it turns out to be better than LJ I may even move permanently, but for the moment I'll cross-post and see how that works.

It's a bit like having a life, but, you know, cheaper.

I like a few of the features - you can have a blogroll, for a start. I'm hoping I can get a tag cloud going and some other bits and bobs as I go along. See how it goes.


Jamie Sport said...

Thought I'd pop by your new pad and say hello.


Your comments pop out thing is nicer than mine (apart from the light green on light blue text above the box).

Christie Malry said...

Thank you. You're right about the text but I think I've fixed it now...