Saturday, 28 March 2009

Will This Dread Egalitarianism Never Cease?

... was my response when I learnt that JockBottlerMcBroon was pursuing yet another madcap socialist scheme to make us all the same, like robots and stuff.

Now even our beloved Royals are being brought under his relentless jockboot/iron sporran.

Don't these ZaNuLiaBore nazis understand that the !1 thing we poor downtrodden brits have left is the specialness of our Royal Family? Personally there's not a day that goes by without me looking at Princes Charles or Edward without me thinking 'Ah, they're special.'

If we allow Papist scum to marry into this family, this sacred bastion of Protestantism, it's just one more Socialist (or as I call it, Socia-LIES-t) measure to make us all into their clockwork robot people. The message is, basically, ANYONE can become a royal, if they work hard at deb balls and public school.

I only hope that the GRATE BRITISH PUBLIC see through this transparent nonsense.

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