Wednesday, 4 March 2009

John Polkinghorne Will Live Forever

From this week's Graun science podcast:

I believe death is a real thing, but I don't think it's the ultimate end, because I believe that only God is ultimate. I think I shall have a destiny beyond death, it's obviously hard to imagine in detail ... I think it's a remarkable destiny that lies ahead of us. ... I also think it's intrinsic to human beings that we do have a body, and that's why I very much accept the Christian hope of resurrection. It isn't a sort of spiritual survival ... God will, I believe, in an unimaginable but true resurrection re-embody me in a new

This can mean only one thing:

All this has happened before, and will happen again.

John Polkinghorne, yesterday.

*Whilst these are Polkinghorne's actual words, I may have edited them for comic effect (although they are in the original order. I've just cut some qualifying statements about harps and angels out).

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