Thursday, 5 February 2009

My Very Own SYB

Nelson doesn't seem to want it, so I'm using it myself. Besides, I think it's quite a good one. Oddly it comes from the Guardian's Media Section this week. I say oddly because the Graun's usual correspondents are either preposterous senior figures in the media or the kind of pricks who have been the subject of previous rants (see passim). This guy is a prick in a quite different league.

Aside from the media pundits' handwringing opinions concerning Channel 4, what about the customer (viewer) choice? And opportunities for original freelance contributor/producers? (If there are any left.) Up until now the argument seems to be almost entirely lumped together with the future of public service broadcasting.

Frankly, in this context, who cares? Isn't the BBC enough? Because, by "public service broadcasting", what is actually meant is the same old turgid, leftwing torrent, as shown in the outrageously biased Channel 4 News. Thank God for Sky (apart from its obsession with football). And, to a lesser extent, ITV, for presentation not hidebound by political correctness and endless banging on about global warming, carbon footprints and how women can do no wrong.
Richard Rapkins Calne, Wiltshire

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