Saturday, 24 April 2010

Give Me Profits or Give Me Screaming Death

Airlines really are masters of publicity, aren't they? Fun as it was to watch Ryanair vow to break the law, seemingly because O'Leary seems to think that A Christmas Carol is a cautionary tale about the fiscal dangers of buying a goose, Willie Walsh has confirmed his place in the nation's heart as an anti-Stephen Fry: A National Cunt's Cunt.

Apart from running half-empty flights and his appalling record on industrial relations, for me his low point has to be when he decided that he should have been able to fly his planes wherever he jolly well pleased during the recent volcageddon.

I'm really not sure what he's doing in human society, let alone running an airline - he hates his staff, he hates his passengers and wants them to die, screaming. Wouldn't he be happier in a Carmelite monastery somewhere?

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