Friday, 16 April 2010

Too Long for Facebook...

... but at the moment it feels like a Mayfly Golden Age of Telly. Oh CRT-based goodness, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
1) Bestest Doctor Who evar.
2) Ashes to Ashes that doesn't make we want to punch myself in the eyes, ears and throat.
3) New series of Outnumbered.
4) World Championship Snooker.
5) Return of You Have Been Watching (funny despite being the most awkward panel show format before the invention of The Bubble)
6) Miranda Hart is currently on BBC2. OK, it's a fairly specific half-hour window, but you gots to take whats you can gets eh?

The only downside is that Mad Men has finished for the time being. And see last post re: dull men in suits.



What keeps me from from rising up against our ant overlords is Glee. And if Caprica would come along on tv/dvd then I'd never say about word about Tha Man ever again...


Wait that should be 'a bad word about' word. Ugh.

Christie Malry said...

Caprica? You weren't, oh I don't know, finding boredom vying with disappointment then?

If it doesn't improve quick sharp when it gets back I'm not playing any more.