Monday, 8 June 2009

BBC Invites Arseholes to Spout Bullshit

Anyone who follows spEak You're bRanes on a regular basis will know that the BBC's Have Your Say site is a refuge for the reality-challenged at the best of times.

The Beeb appear to have decided that it isn't mental enough however, and have posted this invitation beneath their coverage of the BNP's victory:

Did you vote for the BNP? Is this the first time you voted for them? What influenced your decision to vote for the BNP? Tell us your thoughts by filling in the form below.

Stand by to repel wankers, captain!

I can just see the BNP's hardcore voters now, staring at the magic screen in wonder that the Zionist BBC has let them free to bash TEH TROOF ABOUT JOOS N ISLAMS into one of the more prestigious intertubes, trembling with excitement as they hesitantly begin negotiating the seemingly tiny keys on their keyboards* with their fists.

Cheers, Aunty.

*probably made by Marksist gayz to keep out the poor downtrodden whites of this ONCE GRATE CONTRIE

Update: I appear to have been hoist by my own petard, as I've been uploading the vids I make to You Tube so they'll sit properly in the blog column and not spill over the sides like they do if I embed them straight from xtranormal. However, this means that for the first time I've come into contact with YouTube commenters, who if anything make HYS look normal. I can only assume that YouTube is largely comprised of not very bright teenage boys.


Anonymous said...

Some of my amazing posts to this site have been lost due to some kind of fucked up error thingey. Might be worth looking into, cde.

That aside, youtube commentators are generally on the same intellectual level as the BNP. My favourite comment ever, as I put somewheres, was "haha asians always dancing" on a Korean b-boy video. Imagine someone typing that out and thinking the massed ranks of the interwebs needed to read it.


Christie Malry said...

Hm, cheers for the heads up - though I've no idea how to fix it, I'll fiddle about for a bit until I accidentally break the internets.

Shame, I always enjoy the sporadic feedback I've been getting recently, makes me feel that I'm not shouting in a soundproofed room all the time....

That's a brilliant SYB though, did you ever send it to Nelson?