Friday, 5 June 2009

How to Waste Your Vote

I voted Green yesterday. Thought it was the best move in the circumstances. But I was just over at Penny Red's and found out that they're anti-stem cell research:

The Green Party built its reputation on progressive social policies, but we were surprised by its anti-science stance. It told us that the party is proposing an EU-wide ban on research involving embryonic stem cells, citing the vague possibility of "unforeseen outcomes harmful both to individuals and to society".

I thought this lot were progressives, now I find out they're either hoodoo merchants or a bit dim. Great. What a bloody waste. Might as well have gone for the Liberals in the end after all.

Hope they don't do too well now, or it'll be a shitload of good science down the swanee, and I'll have helped it to happen. Bollocks.


Benjamin Solah said...

Wow, that's interesting news. I'm always shocked but not surprised when parliamentary parties sell out on expected policies.

The Australian Greens sold out on their public education policy when they got a bit popular and worked out there new voting base sent their kids to private schools.

hpwatch said...

Aye, the Greens are kind of wank. Can't trust them as far as you could throw them (I have personal knowledge of this...well, the trust part, not the throwing part.)

You didn't plump for No2EU then? SWP cdes up here voted for them but then the electoral sitch is different.

Christie Malry said...

Well, their polling was close to non-existent, and I thought that if I was playing the 'best of the worst' game that comes with electoral parties I might as well go for the one that could eat into UKIP / BNP voting as much as possible.

That was before I knew they were medievalists, of course. I'm going to have to search every bloody manifesto word by word from now on, aren't I?