Thursday, 4 June 2009

Cheap, Lazy Humour Predicated on Human Suffering

... is what I aim to deliver - and here's your latest sloppy ladleful!

Since I first heard about Project Natal, my curiousity has been piqued. Just what could it all be about? Well, for the one or two of you who are even further than me behind the curve of the scabbard which the bleeding edge of technology would never deign to be housed in, it's sort of Wii-mote crossed with the eye-toy and a furby: a motion- and voice-sensitive interface for the X-Box 360 released to some fanfare at this year's E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo, you Luddite).

So, that's yer context. Skynet will use it in a few scant years to make unstoppable killing machines with Austrian accents. But until that day, this detail in the Graun's coverage caught my eye:

Not a great deal is known about its origins, but is seems that the system relies on technology from two pioneering Israeli companies working on depth-sensitive cameras, 3DV Systems and Prime Sense. Those systems involve technology originally developed for use on ballistic missiles that has been reworked to make it more palatable for use in people's homes.

... and I thought the Israelis had no problem using this technology on people's homes already!

*bdm tsh*

Eyethangyewladeezangennelmen, I'm 'ere all week.

And to think, just the other day I heard a musical composition in which someone averred in response to a question on the utilisation of aspects of military action, that there were no beneficial results whatsoever!

(Yes, Raffles the Gentleman Thug is my favourite Viz character*. Would you care to raise this assertion as an issue to which some variance may be attached, and would you claim to be of requisite fortitude with which to back up your contrary aspect? You slag.)

That reminds me though - I've got a chance to repost this vid! Yay!

*Not actually true. Jack Black is my favourite Viz character. But the opportunity to use pointlessly flowery English arose and by the gods I wasn't going to neglect it!

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