Sunday, 21 February 2010

Brilliant Headlines, vol 20

The online version is:
Children shipped to Australia to get formal apology

But I think I prefer the dead tree version:
'Children sent to Australia to get Brown apology'

Either way, it seems to be taking detention a bit far. Couldn't he have just grounded them or something?



There was an excellent Australian tv series made about this about 20 years ago called 'The Leaving of Liverpool'. It became an issue in Australia during the years of campaigning to get a formal apology issued to the 'stolen generations': indigenous kids removed from their families right up until the 1970s. You had conservatives arguing that there should be no apology to indigenous people since the same treatment was given to white people (or 'Raymonds' as I prefer to self-identify.) The counter-argument was, of course, that when children from the UK were shipped out to Australia this did not part of an explicit government policy directed at the cultural and genetic annihilation of the white "race" (or 'Raymonds' as I prefer to self-identify.)

Christie Malry said...

So why should they have to go to Australia to get Brown an apology for it? Those bullying rumours MUST be true!


It's like North Korean diplomats being sent out to fetch the Dear Leader bear bladders and other ingredients for scientific socialist potions.

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