Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cheap Gag

Following on from my, "Gah, will everyone just stop factionalising and egging them on!" post from t'other day, Penny Red's post just had me itching to say something.

Not the content so much, but the title:
Resignations, rivalry and the future of the left
This just struck me as being in very bad taste, I mean doesn't she know that they were inexplicably dropped by their label recently? So insensitive, Laurie! Besides, we all know: FOTL have no rivals.*

I'll get me coat.

Still, at least it's an excuse to put this in my blog...

* And for the record, when I saw them at the Cluny a few weeks ago, they packed the crowds in and, like, totally rocked. Plus they only had one bloke shouting out for old Mclusky numbers this time.

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