Saturday, 13 February 2010

Great Street Conversations

The weekly paper sale is often good for a laugh, as you can bump into pretty much any kind of person that humanity in its many splendour'd glory has managed to produce. Although, as a fringe political organisation there's always one or two representatives of the Jungian archetype that I like to call 'confused nutters with an axe to grind.'

The petition on our stall today was about defending pensions and increasing the Winter Fuel Allowance. An old lady stopped and came up to me.
"I agree with that, but before I sign it, can I ask you one question?"
"Do you agree with letting all them immigrants into the country?
"Yes. Yes we do."
"Right. Bye then." and off she bustled in a state of righteousness, having prevented the blight of multiculturalism spreading further down Northumberland St.


luna17 said...

That's the best closing sentence to a blog post I've read in a while! (and the rest's good too, of course).

Christie Malry said...

Cheers, although I think there's a full stop where there should be a comma... :-)