Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Is this the least funny comments thread ever?

I've recently become something of a fan of Laurie Penny, but I honestly can't understand the comments thread from her last couple of posts. I think what's happened is that a bunch of wankers who think they're funny but actually come off like stoned sixth-formers have descended en masse, but I can't be sure.

I mean that, I genuinely can't be sure, because it's about one-tenth as coherent as Have Your Say. It could just be really rubbish sockpuppeting or a joke I'm too much of a newb to get. Can anyone with a spare minute pop over there, take a look, and give me a second opinion? Otherwise it's going to bug me for ages...

(Yes I know worrying about a comments thread on the prestigious interwebs is a complete hiding to nothing, but humour me, OK? It's bugging me for a reason, and the reason is this: Penny Red is a quite interesting, reasonably intellectual blog that has an apparent audience of - well, that's just it: I can't tell if they're Tory misogynists, well-meaning sense-of-humour-bypass victims or somewhere in the middle.

And it's unusual to find that on the left-wing blogs. At least, the ones I use. Generally speaking you get a mixture of people posting links to a petition to save the cheese workers of Guatemala; someone who wants to talk about NuLabour, regardless of whatever the actual topic was, and a few people earnestly stating the obvious. Except for Florence Durrant on Lenin's Tomb of course, she's in a league of her own. What I'm trying to say, is that it's usually a bit more sedate and less CiF/HYS)

Update: Gods, it's just descended to a new low. Honestly, how do these people walk about all day? Surely they must keep getting distracted when they see someone in a shiny surface who keeps copying everything they do?


Jamie Sport said...

It's not just you. Laurie does seem to (inexplicably) attract an awful lot of arrogant, generally male, dickheads* to her comments boards.

There's a whiff of envy and latent misogyny that follows these people around.

* literally

Christie Malry said...

Cheers, that's a relief, of sorts. Inexplicable is the word though, I just don't get where the anger is coming from, or this idea a lot of them seem to have that she's some kind of Millie Tant figure.

I mean, why bother going to the blog if you don't want to read what's written? Sometimes *plaintively* I just don't get people. Oh, who am I kidding, it's the internet, the wanker's paradise. *wanders off, whistling Coolio, badly*