Monday, 13 April 2009

Serendipity? Synchronicity? The Gold Violin of Circumstance?

A few weeks back I mentioned one of my favourite posters in passing whilst getting all hagiographic about Penguin Boooks.

Turns out I'd completely missed a whole interwebal meme about it. Check out qwghlm on this - there's parodies, and posters and shops and articles and, well, everything. Goodness. I thought it was still a fairly rare thing, what with its point of origin in the modern consciousness being a relatively obscure second-hand bookshop in a small Northumberland town.

Apparently not. Anyway, I only mention it since I seemed by some fluke to have made use of it reasonably close to its becoming popular, despite being aware of its existence for several years now. Int the world a funny place sometimes?

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