Saturday, 23 May 2009

Election Material

With the Euro elections coming up, it's not just the openly racist parties that have been sending their bumf. Today I also got some weak piece of crap from the Tories, which looks like a timetable for a particularly ineffective management seminar, personally addressed to me for some fucking reason.

I'd like to find some way of explaining to these bastards that I hate them, their policies, their members, and everything they stand for. Unfortunately I have the horrible feeling that if I email them to tell them this, some public school Tory fuckwad will immediately send me every piece of election literature in their catalogue, probably whilst braying with horsey, haughty laughter. And eating a swan and caviar pasty. With his feet on a kneeling serf.

That's EXACTLY what they're like. And you know it. Deep in your heart of hearts, you know it.

Yes you do.


Anonymous said...

A Trotskyist who references Luke Haines. I may be in love. Also this blog is very funny, keep it up. I shall link.

BTW, Tory engagement, yer doing it wrong. It requires a leather jacket, a shotgun and a plentiful supply of ammo. And a wall.

Cheers, hpwatch

Christie Malry said...

Thanks for the kind words, and the declaration of love. Both are too rare in this world...

Oh and I rather like hpwatch, it's going on my roll as of now.

Re Tory Culling Policy 101, you may well be right, but my bit of Tyneside isn't so like Baltimore that I can lay my hands on a piece quite that easily...

Anonymous said...

In that case, comrade, I offer hope for the future. One day, we'll have all the shotguns we need. ;)

Cheers, hpwatch