Thursday, 21 May 2009

Random News Trivia

Overheard on Radio Fourgeois this morning:

'The Conservatives have committed themselves to a cull of badgers if they win the next election. We will be asking: why?'

This is where the left's been going wrong, I think. Too much interest in reforming the financial system, not enough in attacking the cast of Wind in the Willows.

'The latest victim of the expenses scandal is Conservative MP Peter Viggers, who resigned after claiming £1,645 for a floating island for ducks in his pond. David Cameron said this was completely unacceptable.'

I always find trivia like this most illuminating. As Oliver once said, the truth is rarely on the main road, but frequently down a side road or round the back*. I think this one shows just how close to the perigee of farce this scandal has reached now.

Update: Heh, then this happened. This is just the bleakly comic gift that keeps on giving depressing shit-nuggets, isn't it?

*Paraphrasing, anyway. I can't lay my hands on my copy at the moment to check but once I do I'll update it appropriately.

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